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    The Sonoma Humane Society is in need of foster homes for orphaned kittens that come in to the shelter too young for spay and neuter surgery. We are most in need of folks willing to take on bottle babies {under one month of age}, but fosters for kittens of all ages are urgently needed. The Sonoma HS provides all food, supplies, and medical care if you can provide the love and a good temporary home! If you are interested, please email our foster coordinators: Cheri at or  Aiko at

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    Know of any students interested in Veterinary School?
    How about a specialized tour at UCDavis School of Veterinary Medicine?

    Well, I’ve got a couple great opportunities to clear the murky path towards Veterinary status.

    This year I was part of the team of interviewers selecting the incoming class of veterinary students at UCDavis and there have been MARJOR CHANGES to how UCDavis selects their veterinary students.
    Even those who have attended such seminars in the past will need to learn about this huge shift in selection criteria.

    Next week I’ll be presenting my “How to become a veterinarian” talk on the SRJC campuses. This hour long presentation reviews all the requirements for veterinary school in general with a focus on UCDavis. There are several KEY considerations you can’t get from the information online. I’ll happily let you in on the insider’s info. I’ll also review which SRJC classes matriculate with the UCD requirements.

    Send all your students who want the low-down Wednesday the 27st at 5pm in room 212 on the Petaluma Campus
    OR Thursday the 28th at 5pm in room 1820 Baker Hall on the Santa Rosa campus. If you are not a current SRJC student realize you will have to pay for parking, but you can actually find a spot at that time of day.

    A flyer for the event can be found at:

    At this event I will take sign ups for the unique Tour of UCDavis that will occur on Friday March 15th. This is far beyond the usual spin through the teaching hospital but will also include sitting in on a couple vet school classes, meeting with outreach/admissions staff, touring the anatomy and the surgery lab areas.

    This tour is intended for any interested veterinary employee, SRJC student, etc. I often get questions about high school students attending, and I can take a limited number of high school SENIORS only.

    I give attendees of the seminars first opportunity to sign up for the tour, but usually have several spots still open. If there are any students who want to attend the tour but can’t make the seminar just have them email me at


    ---Dan Famini DVM
    Veterinary Technician Program Coordinator and Instructor
    Agriculture and Natural Resources Department
    Santa Rosa Junior College
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