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RVT Alternate Route Regulation Change - TAKE ACTION

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 8:12 PM | Administrator Administrator (Administrator)

The VMB RVT Task Force meeting is scheduled for 9am-12pm, March 12, at 2005 Evergreen, Suite 2250, Sacramento CA 95815.

Included in the discussion will be whether the Alternate Route should require a minimum or maximum number of hours in particular subjects.
The current regulation, which has been in effect since 1994, requires a minimum of 300 hours or 20 semester or 30 quarter units, in specific subject areas, but does not require any minimum or maximum number of hours in any particular subject. Alternate Route candidates have been required to have at least one course in each required subject area, but it is currently left to the candidates to decide how many hours in any particular subject area are appropriate for them.

CaRVTA needs your help! The CaRVTA Board has taken the position that there is no need to alter the Alternate Route, as it has been working as intended. In addition, AVMA accredited and California approved RVT schools do not have minimum or maximum hours requirements for their programs. The regulations for these programs require a minimum number of total hours in specific subject areas, just as the Alternate Route does.

CaRVTA is encouraging RVTs who have successfully used the Alternate Route to:

Attend the Task Force meeting on March 12
Email a letter, before March 11, describing your Alternate Route experience. We will present all RVT letters to the VMB at the meeting.

Letters should describe how the flexibility of the Alternate Route was a benefit and helped you become an RVT. Questions or letters should be emailed to info@carvta.org. You are encouraged to write your own letter, as personal letters have more impact. However, feel free to use our Sample Letter, if you choose or as a starting point for your own letter. Be sure to include your own name and contact information in the letter. Read the Sample Alternate Route Letter @ www.carvta.org
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