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  • Wednesday, January 17, 2018 12:11 PM
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    Guide Dogs for the Blind is the largest Guide Dog school in North America. We envision a world with greater inclusion, opportunity and independence by optimizing the unique capabilities of people and dogs. Our mission is to empower lives through exceptional partnerships between people, dogs and communities. 


    We are seeking kennel technicians to work with puppies on our San Rafael campus to help us support this live changing mission! This team of passionate, dedicated technicians care for the puppies, along with some adult and senior dogs, maintaining a happy, healthy and clean environment.


    This position requires some English skills in reading and writing. Day to day responsibilities include feeding, bathing and medicating dogs; maintaining a clean kennel environment; assisting with breeding and whelping; providing care to newborn puppies, as well as some data entry and customer service.


    This is a full-time, non-exempt role with excellent benefits. Schedules include day and night shifts, as well as weekends.


    Please apply online at: or via email at or call (415) 499-4000.


    Guide Dogs for the Blind is an Equal Opportunity Employer

    Job Description:


    OVERALL SUMMARY:  A Canine Welfare/Neonatal Technician I provides care to dogs that are being kenneled at our facilities for reasons other than formal training. Requiring solid teamwork and communication skills, this work entails feeding, bathing and medicating dogs; maintaining a clean kennel and enriched environment and adhering to strict biosecurity protocols; assisting with breeding and whelping; providing care to newborn puppies, as well as some data entry and reception duties related to dogs coming into or leaving our kennel facilities. The Neonatal Department is staffed 24/7.


    Provide basic care of kenneled dogs and puppies independently, including: weighing, preparing and feeding a variety of diets, bathing, and medicating dogs; reporting behavioral changes, as well as walking dogs or transporting them by van to other locations. Uphold stringent cleaning standards in individual kennels, play yards and kennel complex facilities.

    Adhere to proper procedures regarding biosecurity when entering restricted kennels or dealing with sick or quarantined dogs.

    Observe, record and communicate pertinent information verbally, electronically and in hard copy to a variety of constituents. Keep precise records relating to medications administered and prescribed, conditions under observation, and care given to the dogs and puppies in the kennel.

    Assist with whelps under supervision of senior staff, learning how to perform an ultrasound, take an x-ray, and administer injections. Provide basic and specialized care to neonates while under the supervision of a senior staff member. Tasks may include weighing puppies, assist nursing, bottle and tube feeding and physical therapy. Carry out treatment plans and cross-over cleaning process in whelping kennel independently.

    Use positive reinforcement techniques to elicit and maintain quiet behavior of dogs in kennels and support training path of each dog.

    Assist with breeding duties including mating between dam and stud.

    Assist in filming weekly videos of dogs in our care for volunteers; learn to video and then process footage for upload and distribution to all necessary parties.

    Aid with restraint of dogs for veterinary care and provide overnight support to dogs in the clinic

    Perform health and vet checks with assistance; support other departments with medical or emergency care for program dogs; collect fecal or urine samples when necessary.

    Provide assistance with 24 hour support of lost, injured, and sick dogs including basic authorizations for medical expenses.

    Assist in filming weekly videos of dogs in our care for volunteers; learn to video and then process footage for upload and distribution to all necessary parties as timing allows.

    Greet the public, volunteers, and GBD staff; assist with the intake and release of dogs. Maintain precise records of dogs moving within, into, or out of the kennel, following GDB procedures to assure that complete and accurate information regarding care, medications, food, etc. is communicated clearly.

    Interact with Puppy Raisers, Breeder Custodians, and other volunteers and GDB staff in a manner consistent with GDB’s Values and Behaviors.

    Use the educational opportunities available to develop proficiency in the areas listed on this job description and show ability to move beyond basic knowledge.

    Adhere to our organization's safety policies and procedures and encourage others to do the same. Promptly report incidents and accidents according to campus procedures.

    Demonstrate ability to represent GDB professionally at special functions, assist in photo shoots of puppies, request and relay information promptly and accurately, and undertake other duties assigned.



    Strong communication skills, verbal and written.

    Dependable attendance

    An interest in learning the details of specialized dog care.

    Attention to detail, good observational and recordkeeping skills.

    Able to take direction and to work as part of a team.

    Must safely handle a variety of large breed dogs, weighing up to 90 pounds, with varying strength and manageability. Ability to safely lift up to 40 pounds. Employees are required to seek assistance when lifting dogs or objects weighing more than 40 pounds.

    Ability to remain on one’s feet, standing, or walking all day on cement.

    Ability to withstand up to 4 hours of repetitive bending, stooping, kneeling, and squatting, scooping and hosing.

    Able to communicate via charting, voice mail, e-mail and do basic data entry within one month of employment.

    Ability and willingness to work night shifts alongside experienced staff as assigned.


    Full-time, non-exempt position. Requires day, night, weekend and holiday shifts.

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